I've wanted to thank all the wonderful developers that have dedicated their time (which I know they're having fun) to create snippets, plugins, frameworks, or just excellent Codepens!

I never really had the chance till now (working freelance and stuff) to give them the appreciation the deserve. Granted this will be an ongoing blog post for all you readers out there 😉!

No kiddin.


A great little tool for working with your colors. If you have a pair of colors in mind, add them to the swatches, lock your chosen colors and hit the "Generate" button. Something is bound to happen :)

luke carl hartman colormind color helper

WordPress Image Attributes

Automate your image Title, Caption, Description and Alt Text for all existing and future images. Very nice plugin.

wordpress bulk image attribute title and description automation

Leaflet Maps

Leaflet looks sooooo cool. Cant wait to play with it!


Schema Markup Generator

Super rad little dude to help build your site schema and learn the syntax.

schema markup generator luke carl hartman appreciation

SVG Optimization Tool

svgomg perfect svg optimization tool

SEO Audit Tool



I have been completing the Front End Development track on Treehouse for the past year and I truly appreciate not only the great content but also the great interface and teachers. I highly recommend it.
$25/month, jump on a track and stick with it. Do it every day. Don't ever miss a day (I learned that for sure).

Lozad Lazy Load

Favicon Generator

Want to create your site favicon's? Dan's Tools has always been my go-to. Thanks Dan. Here's what it can do for you. Check it out!

Spiral Banner Thingy by Carpenumidium

This is what I use on my homepage to show what I have experience in. Thanks Carpenumidium for creating a great little SCSS animation. You are a scholar. I found this animation on the Code My UI Text Animation Design Inspiration page.


Love this Panda. Super easy and quick to downsize png's and jpg's.

Upcity recognition

Upcity selected me as one of the Website Development Companies in Long Beach, CA (even though I live in Culver City, lol). Here's the badge they sent me, isin't it nice?

Apple Computers

First and foremost!