Early Computing

Early Computing

I think one of my most favorite things to do is get on my computer around 4AM and a)study code, or b)figure out something new to do / create on my computer while listening to late 90's deep electronic music (my particular strain this morning). **or just so it hit me this morning at 4AM that I do this A LOT.

Not too long ago I Googled if it were a disorder to have such a love for computers/screens. I found some strange article titled Computer Addiction at https://www.addictions.com/computer/. Haha. Quality article.

I'm not worried about it.☝️'s more of a joke than anything. Just thought it would be funny to look up.

But really, the early early morning is my favorite because the world is quiet, its dark, I have zero distractions and I can have a completely fresh look at whatever I've been working on. I recently listened to a Code Camp podcast by a developer who found the same pleasure in waking up super early to code & I felt less strange with my fetish.

Side thought: I should make my blog so readers can comment! This will be another early morning problem-solving session ;)

**I'll return to this article, as I have so much more to say. Right now I want to solve a problem I was thinking about when I woke up.

** Image was some random photo I found on Google.