New Projects

New Projects

Here's a blog post I'll use to quickly highlight the recent projects I've been working on.

01. React.js Dashboard

Just built a react.js dashboard. Thanks to the JavaScript Mastery Channel and Syncfusion.

Check out the repo on GitHub:

Check out the live site hosted on Netlify:

02. KiiTO

KiiTO is a Venice CA. plant based health conscious, superfood wellness, coconut water drink business that I took on December 21, 2018. They had a web developer start on their Shopify store, but they were unresponsive :( so they brought me on!

I finished the site in 3 main areas. The product display on the shop page, the ReCharge app configuration and styling the cart & checkout. Using the Shopify Liquid code, CSS and Javascript. So far, it's been good. I see sales coming in all the time!!!

Check em out: